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A great record starts with a great recording. Bands can capture their tracks in an intimate setting through a collection of high quality analog preamps and compressors. We offer a modest selection of guitars, basses and vintage and modern amplifiers to give your recording that something extra. Vocalists and Voiceover artists can expect nothing but the best with our large microphone selection and spacious recording facilities. 

Mixes are done on a Dolby Calibrated system using a hybrid of analog and digital interfaces. Mixing is an Art form and our skilled staff prides itself on delivering world class mixes for every medium and genre; from film and TV productions to banging club hits and pristine classical recording. Our speciality is rooted in Rock and Pop mixing with records by The Orange Sky, Incert Coin, Anti-Everything and many more.

Our in house mastering is done with a combination of in-the-box and hardware systems along with the experienced ears and tastes of our Mastering Engineer Maarten Manmohan. We have also made great relationships with some amazing mastering housing  in Trinidad, the US and in Europe. With these options we can give our client what they are looking for based on any budget or desire.


Random Design Studios is a full Production Audio Facility based in Westmoorings, Trinidad and Tobago. We have produced numerous well known artists and jingles for some of the industries most recognized and established brands. We offer competitive rates and impeccable quality delivered at a record setting pace.



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Checklist is a textured tapestry. The band has already released its 1st album in 2011, an EP in 2012, a 2nd album in 2014, a Christmas album in 2016 and thier 4th album in 2019 showcasing sounds from modern rock to indie dance pop.


J45 Crossbay Court

Westmoorings by the sea


Tel: 1-868-735-3572

Our studio is open 6 days a week:

Monday - Friday 5pm - 10pm

Saturday - 11am - 7pm

Sunday - Special Requests


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