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Random Design Studios offers some of the industries most competitive rates with a variety of pacakges to suit your specific needs. All prices quoted in Trinidad and Tobago Dollars ($TT)
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$250 per hour (Engineer incl.)

If you just need to put together a quick demo or audition some voices or musicians for that critical project, going with a block of studio time may be the best option for you. Please note all bookings should be made at least 14 days in advance and that cancelation must be made within a 24 hour time frame.


$800 - $1500 per song

You got all your tracks recorded at a pretty decent quality but you really want to take it to the next level, our in house mix engineers can take you there. In our mix packages we also offer free re-amping services and 1 hour studio time for basic overdubs. Discounts are available with bulk packages.



$300 per song


Call for Consultation

Our in house mastering is offered at a competitive rate as we offer an alternative to the major mastering houses for those on a budget. We will always advise our clients to seek the best solution for thier mastering options and, because of our relationships with different houses, we can get you the sound that you need.

We offer a variety of packages for the Artist and the Agency. Whether you are looking to produce an album full of Electro-Pop Hits, a folk rock EP or the base jingle for your brand's summer advertising campaign, we have the right package for you. If you aren't sure what you really need, just give us a call and we will schedule an appointment for consultation to determine the best options for you.




$3,000 per song

Great deal of 6 hours concurrent studio time. Perfect for band or up and coming artist who just need to come into the studio to lay down their ideas or record and mix that top 10 hit.


Contact us on out Contact page for available days and booking. (Note the 6 hour period must be all together in the same day and everything must be completed in that period. Extra time can be purchased for $250 per hour)

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